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Pledge Campaign #3 is in its second year. To find out the “why” the “what” and the “how”, click on the “Case Statement and Pledge Form” below!

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Pre-Authorized Debit and Pledge Campaigns

There has been some confusion about whether Mortgage Fund Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) donations are supposed to end when the 3-year Pledge Campaign ends. The short answer is “no, they do not.” Once initiated, PAD donations continue until the donor contacts the church office to change or cease their donation. This is similar to paying your gas bill via PAD: you want all your future gas bills to be paid, not just for 3 years. We recommend that PAD donors regularly review their donations and make any adjustments required, at least annually or at the start of every Pledge Campaign. The church office will respond to any requested changes or cancellations of PAD, but it is the donor who must initiate that action. God Bless you all for supporting St Stephen Parish!


“Building Fund” becoming “Mortgage Fund”

Seven years ago, we created a separate bank account that we called the “Building Fund”, to hold and disperse money donated toward the future building of a new church. Today, we have completed the rebuilding of our church and we now refer to this account as the Mortgage Fund to better reflect its use. Mortgage Fund envelopes are available in the pews and at the back of the church for your donations. Mortgage Fund collections will continue to occur on the 4th weekend of every month ).


What is a Pledge Campaign?

An excellent question! A Pledge Campaign (or Capital Campaign) is a targeted effort to raise significant capital over a specific time. Donors are asked to give to the campaign in addition to their regular annual giving. These campaign donations require prayer, discernment, and sacrifice, and are typically from their assets, not their income. Pledge donors indicate that they will give a specified amount over the campaign by filling out a pledge form. Donors unable to commit to a specific amount do not fill out a pledge form, but they still give to the campaign through Building Fund donation envelopes collected weekly at Mass.