The liturgy of the Word is an integral part of sacramental celebrations. To nourish the faith of believers, the signs which accompany the Word of God should be emphasized (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1154):

  • the book of the Word (a lectionary or a book of the Gospels),
  • its veneration (procession, incense, candles),
  • the place of its proclamation (lectern or ambo),
  • its audible and intelligible reading,
  • the minister’s homily which extends its proclamation, and
  • the responses of the assembly (acclamations, meditation psalms, litanies, and profession of faith).

Lectors have the task of making Christ present in the Liturgy of the Word for our community. For this reason, the Church uses the term ‘lectors” or “ministers of the Word” and not “readers” for this ministry.

During the celebration of the Mass the minister of the Word will proclaim the Word of God in the Old Testament, letters from the New Testament, and the Psalm when it is not sung. The Lector will also lead the parish community in the Prayers of the Faithful. Training for this ministry is required and available through our parish Liturgy team.

Do you have a love of Sacred Scripture? Do you pray with the Scriptures on a regular basis? Then perhaps you are being called to this ministry! Please contact our Liturgy coordinator Annette Specht (lannettespecht@gmail.com) on how you can join.