Eucharistic Ministers

It is a privilege and a blessing to be called as a Eucharistic minister to serve God’s holy people. Eucharistic ministers are commissioned to assist in the distribution of communion and to carry the blessed sacrament to the sick and home bound of our parish.

In response to Jesus’ call, the Eucharistic minister endeavors to humbly assist in the celebration of the Mass. Through love and devotion to Christ’s presence, the minister shares this love to each member of our community

Our lives are ones of both being and giving the Body of Christ. Our goal is to be keepers of the faith, sharing in the life of the Trinity, spreading the joy of our faith, and loving our neighbors as God loves us. If this describes your faith, perhaps you are being called to serve the Lord as a Eucharistic minister!

For additional information about becoming a Eucharistic minister, please contact the Liturgy coordinator Annette Specht (