Called to Protect

Anyone who wishes to be active in parish ministry, or volunteer in any capacity for St. Stephen Parish, are required by the Archdiocese of Edmonton to take Called to Protect training before they begin their ministry or volunteer service. The program is part of our Archdiocese-wide commitment to prevent abuse.

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At the direction of Archbishop Richard Smith, the Archdiocese has worked since 2010 with Praesidium, an international leader in abuse risk management, to promote safe environments and best practices in abuse prevention at its parishes and institutions.

In March 2017 the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton achieved Praesidium Accreditation®, an honour that publicly demonstrates that it has worked to achieve the highest standards in abuse prevention. It is the first Archdiocese in North America to complete this rigorous process.

See the News Release: Archdiocese earns honour for abuse prevention practices.